A new look for an old favorite! Free-Up has a brighter and fresher appearance both inside and out. And it still performs like the Free-Up that you’ve loved for years!

Free-Up’s new label will be arriving over the next few months. You’ll see it now on the dispenser carton, followed by the jars and the tube.

Months into the design process, the new label has gone through multiple iterations to get it just right.  Multi-hued colors, moving from light to dark in an effortless fashion, uplift and rejuvenate; inspired by hands smoothly gliding over the skin then pressing deeper to address scar or deep tissue issues.  Fine lines are layered and flowing like living tissue.

The new design flows over the jars, tube, and dispenser carton, creating a cohesive, fresh look.   And, looks aren’t the only thing that’s been updated. Upgrades in raw materials have given Free-Up a whiter, brighter appearance, and a fresh, clean, yet still un-fragranced smell.

Free-Up’s unique formulation has endless possibilities.  For students who struggle with soft tissue techniques, it’s a lifesaver, providing exquisite tissue perception.  For burn patients, Free-Up makes an extremely uncomfortable process more palatable; all while nourishing and softening the skin.  For therapists, there’s rarely a need to re-apply.  A little goes a long way; it absorbs slowly into the skin, allowing you to work for long periods of time without re-application.

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