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Free-Up® Massage Cream - Sample Dispenser Box (50 Packets)

Free-Up® Massage Cream - Sample Dispenser Box (50 Packets)

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Free-Up® Massage Cream Sample Dispenser Box which contains 50 single-use 7-gram packets.

A great option when testing an area or showing your client


  • Superb soft tissue medium, lets you work either surface or deep tissue.
  • Great Glide. Promotes exquisite tissue sense to fingers and hands.
  • Excellent lubricity. Unlike oily or slick surfaces, Free-Up® does not inhibit deep tissue perception and discrimination.
  • Cost-effective. A slow absorption rate means a little goes a long way.
  • Won’t ball up or dry out on the skin.
  • Safe quality formulation. Bacteriostatic. Hypo-allergenic. Does not contain beeswax or seed/nut oils.
  • Can be used with most Jobst pressure garments.
  • Safe for fibromyalgia patients – contains no salicylates.
  • Please Note: Free-Up is a “Fragrance-Free” massage cream.  No ‘masking’ fragrance or additional perfume/scent has been used in the product to cover up the naturally occurring scent of the ingredients.
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