Collection: Posture and Conditioning

Our bodies were made to move.  When we do anything to excess, whether it’s sitting at a computer, hitting a tennis ball or engaging in a repetitive motion at work these excesses stress our joints and create muscular imbalances.

Over time they can lead to muscle spasms, nerve impingement, achy joints, and poor posture.  The results impact our hobbies, our jobs, and the activities of daily living that make life fun and enjoyable.

Numerous studies have shown that no matter your age, just a little exercise performed on a regular basis can counteract these imbalances while improving our mental attitude, our sense of well- being, and our stamina.

Stretching the muscles that have become shortened and tight and strengthening the muscles that have become overstretched and weak are vital to a healthy lifestyle.  The products that follow can be used to stretch and/or strengthen the entire body.

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