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The Rope Stretching Device

The Rope Stretching Device

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The Rope Assisted Stretching Device is a simple stretching and strengthening device to help create flexible muscles and joints while supporting range of motion. This stretching device helps to counteract the postural problems associated with extended use of computers and mobile phones, including rounded shoulders, hand and elbow issues, and disk injuries from forward head syndrome.

Relieve Imbalances

With a few minutes of exercises per day, The Rope may help to alleviate postural imbalances. It also strengthens the back, gluteal, and leg muscles.

Stretch Before You Practice

Use The Rope to stretch prior to golfing, playing tennis, or swimming.

Versatile Workout Tool

For gentle traction of the shoulders and thoracolumbar spine, use The Rope.

Stretch the Neck & Shoulders

The Rope lets you lean into a wide variety of stretches, many of which are great for opening the chest—helping to relieve stress on the neck and shoulders.

 Instruction Guide Included

No need to worry about learning how to use The Rope. It comes equipped with a four-color instruction booklet and a new, expanded exercise poster.

Easy-to-Use Stretching Device

Use The Rope in your home or office, over a door, or with the Web Slide Exercise Rail System. This rope assisted stretching device is simple, user-friendly, and effective to use to support posture and range of motion.

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