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Free-Up® Massage Cream - 16 oz Jar

Free-Up® Massage Cream - 16 oz Jar

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Free-Up in the 16 oz. size is perfect for professional services. Rub a little Free-Up between your fingers, and you’ll know why therapists and leading professionals use words like “exceptional, fantastic, and powerfully effective” to describe it. Free-Up massage cream softens and moisturizes the skin while providing superior control without drag or tackiness. Noted for its excellent coverage and workability, it gives the proper feel for massage and soft tissue work while maintaining its lubricity.


  • Superb soft tissue medium lets you work either surface or deep tissue.
  • Excellent glide and promotes exquisite tissue sense to fingers and hands.
  • Excellent lubricity: Unlike oily or slick surfaces, Free-Up does not inhibit deep tissue perception and discrimination.
  • Cost-effective: A slow absorption rate means a little goes a long way.
  • Won’t ball up or dry out on the skin.
  • Safe quality formulation. Bacteriostatic. Hypo-allergenic. Free-Up does not contain beeswax or seed/nut oils.
  • Free-Up can be used with most Jobst pressure garments.
  • Safe for fibromyalgia patients—contains no salicylates.
  • Please Note: Free-Up is a “Fragrance-Free” massage cream. No ‘masking’ fragrance or additional perfume/scent has been used in the product to cover up the naturally occurring smell of the ingredients.

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