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Web Slide® Professional System - Stainless Steel

Web Slide® Professional System - Stainless Steel

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PrePak's Web Slide® Exercise Rail System provides organization for your clinic and streamlines patient training sessions. It eliminates the clutter and inefficiencies of tying your tubes and bands and having pulleys all over the clinic.


This system accommodates any resistance tubing, pulley devices, or other exercise equipment that utilize a web anchor strap for door attachment, allowing them to be set up and ready to go in seconds. Web Slide's compact, space-saving design makes it unobtrusive in the clinic or gym, while still allowing for full-body resistance tubing workouts and rehab exercises at a wide range of anchor points.

System includes;
  • 3 Stainless steel Exercise Rails with 5 anchor positions. Exercise Rails are 28”x6” with 5 anchor points. 
  • 1 Stainless steel Storage Rack with 16 storage positions. The Storage Rack is 24”x2”x2” and holds 16 pieces of equipment
  • 5 resistance levels ExerBand Bilateral Tubes
  • 5 resistance levels ExerBand 3' Unilateral Tubes
  • 1 Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley
  • 1 Extremity Strap
  • 1 Tubing Exercise Poster (24”x36”)

Warning! (Closing tubing in a door without an anchor strap can cause premature breakage, resulting in injury.)

ExerBand® products use TheraBand® tubing. Associated colors are Trademarks of the Hygenic® corporation.

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