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3 ft. PrePak Triple Loop Exercise Kit - Intermediate

3 ft. PrePak Triple Loop Exercise Kit - Intermediate

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Resistance tubing is convenient, effective, and economical. Take it anywhere; use it to tone and strengthen in the privacy of your home, office, or on the road.


Triple Loop Tubes are just that—a loop of resistance tubing with a handle attached. Called a Unilateral Loop, you can choose to use one, two, or all three tubes at one time to customize your workouts. Simply hook them together with your Anchor Strap. Your exercise options are endless!


Three resistance choices allow you to change your workout by changing the color of the tube to a stronger or lighter resistance. You can also use multiple tubes together to increase your workout.
Loop configuration of tubes allows you to easily do lower body workouts without an additional attachment. Simply step in or wrap around the extremity to do hip and knee exercises (see included instruction sheet).
Loops are creating more resistance for exercise than our therapy loops (#513-526).
Loops provide more resistance than Bilateral Tubes and allow for less compensation from your dominant side.

The Web Strap safely anchors tubes to a door and provides endless exercise possibilities. The strong metal hook can anchor all three tubes at once, giving a variety of workout choices. To create a more permanent gym, anchor to our Web Slide® Exercise Rails.

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