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Extremity Strap For Web Slide®

Extremity Strap For Web Slide®

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Extremity Strap

Anchors Resistance Tubing

This adjustable Velcro strap easily and comfortably anchors resistance tubing to the ankle, thigh, or wrist for both lower and upper extremity exercises.

Comfortable & Secure

Use the Extremity Strap as an anchor while using the Web Slide Exercise Rail System. 

Versatile & Easy to Use

The Extremity Strap is compatible with any resistance level, make, or brand of tubing or bands that are used during a workout. This makes it easy to bring your fitness program home, to the office, or on the go.

Web Slide Extremity Strap Clutter-Free Exercise Workstation Space-Saving, Full-Body Workouts Using Web Slide
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