The Rope #600

A simple stretching device to help create flexible muscles and joints, allowing for pain-free range of motion. Helps to counteract the postural problems associated with extended use of computers and mobile phones, including rounded shoulders, hand and elbow issues, and disk injuries from forward head syndrome. Over time these postural imbalances can create a host of difficulties, including pain and fatigue.

  • Stretching and loosening muscles with The Rope for a few minutes a day can alleviate many postural imbalances.
  • When used prior to golfing, playing tennis, or swimming there is a reduced risk of injury.
  • Provides gentle traction for shoulders and thoracolumbar spine.
  • Helps relieve muscle spasms and improves posture and elasticity.
  • Use in your home or office, over a door or with a Web Slide® Exercise Rail system.
  • Simple, easy to use and effective.