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Home Ranger® Knee Pulley FAQ

Yes, the foot hammock can be laundered in cold water, hand wash only. Engage the Velcro strips prior to laundering. Line dry.
Distraction is a specific form of traction used by many manual physical therapists to relieve pain. Self-administered distraction allows the patient to perform this technique at home, without the aid of a therapist. Distraction gently separates the joint surfaces, providing more room in the joint capsule, which reduces swelling and resultant pain. The specific angle (20-25°) in which distraction is performed provides the maximum amount of pain relief.

Home Ranger® Shoulder Pulley FAQ

The 240 has a web strap that anchors it in the door during use. When you open the door, the strap disengages. The 240 handle is for people who don’t need grip assistance. It is contoured to the shape of a closed fist for comfort. The 260 has a stainless-steel bracket that can remain in place between exercise sessions. If the bracket is too wide for your door, place a soft cloth between it and the door. The 260 has a handle that can be used as an assisted grip or a standard grip.
You will need to stand while performing your exercises.
It’s safest to use the pulley when the door is locked so someone in the house doesn’t open the door while you are exercising. Try using it in the bathroom.
Pull the rope through the handle and tie a non-slip knot above the one that is there.
Place it over the top or in the side of the door. Close the door and give the strap a slight tug to make sure it is securely wedged. (The door must be closed to use the pulley.) Lock the door so no one will open it while you are exercising.
The marks help to gauge your progress.

Web Slide® Exercise Rail FAQ

Yes, however, you will need a screw driver, a drill and a level. Caution: Mount only into a wall stud or block wall.
Never mount in a pool area or where moisture is present. Although stainless steel is corrosion resistant it is not corrosion proof. If signs of corrosion appear, immediately discontinue use and replace the unit.
The hardware on the Web Slide® has been tested up to 1,000 lbs. The web anchor straps have been tested to 400 lbs.

ExerBand Resistance Tubing FAQ

No, it contains latex.
That depends on many factors. For longer life, do not store in the sunlight, and keep it in its sealed plastic bag between use. Do not over stretch the tube (more than double its length). Prior to every exercise session, check tubing for wear, nicks, cuts, abrasions or signs of discoloration.
Whenever the tube shows signs of wear, such as nicks, cracks, cuts, abrasions or signs of discoloration/oxidation, it is not safe to use. Always check the condition of the product prior to use.

Free-Up® Massage Cream FAQ

Yes. Visit our Forms page for our Free-Up® data sheet.
Do not heat Free-Up® in the microwave. Free-Up® has poor conductivity when used with ultrasound or with electrical stimulation.
No, we do not test on animals.