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Web Slide® Home Station – Fitness Edition - Zinc

Web Slide® Home Station – Fitness Edition - Zinc

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Love to work out but have no time to go to the gym? Or maybe you prefer working out in the convenience and privacy of your home or office? PrePak’s Web Slide® Home Station – Fitness Edition is an ideal solution for those who want to tone and build endurance. 

The station includes four different ExerBand 3′ Bilateral Tubes. Each color is a different resistance, allowing you to choose the strength you need. The 3′ length is great for home fitness, requiring less room than the typical 6′ tube and increasing your resistance level. Use them to exercise your upper body, lower body, and trunk. Simply slide the web anchor strap into the slot on the rail, secure it with the Safety Slide, grab your handles, and begin to exercise! The colorful exercise poster shows you 32 different exercises.

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The Web Slide Home Station – Fitness Edition is one versatile system with three modular steel rails.

• Durable, safe, convenient, and easy to use.
• Each modular steel Exercise Rail is zinc plated carbon steel, rigorously tested and fabricated in the USA.
• Each rail has five anchor points to accommodate any height or body part exercise.
• Four ExerBand 3′ Bilateral Tubes are included. Each tube is a different resistance or strength and comes with handles and an anchor strap attached. These ExerBand tubes are shorter than the original Home Station. They create more resistance and are great for home fitness.
• A Standard Anchor Strap is included to attach your ExerBand Tubes to the Exercise Rails.
• A velcro Extremity Strap attaches to your ankle, leg, or arm to assist you with exercises.
• Color poster has “beginning” and “end” photos of 32 exercises.

Warning! (Closing tubing in a door without an anchor strap can cause premature breakage, resulting in injury.)

ExerBand® products use TheraBand® tubing. Associated colors are Trademarks of the Hygenic® corporation.

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