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Home Ranger® Knee Pulley

Home Ranger® Knee Pulley

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The Home Ranger® Knee Pulley provides patients with both rehab exercise assistance and pain relief in one simple device. Use it for flexion and extension range of motion exercises, as well as for self-administered “distraction” to ease knee joint pain in osteoarthritis and knee replacement patients.

Combining PrePak’s high-quality, market-leading Sure Track Pulley® with our innovative new Handshoe™ Foot Hammock, the Home Ranger® Knee Pulley is built to improve exercise compliance at home between clinic visits — and to provide a healthy dose of drug-free knee pain relief whenever needed

  • As easy to use at home as in the clinic. The web strap allows for quick, secure attachment to any standard door, or use it with PrePak’s exercise rail.
  • Face your chair toward from the door for extension exercise assistance; face it away from the door for assistance with flexion exercises.
  • Pain relief is achieved through self-administered distraction. A gentle, steady pull on the rope creates a slight separation of the knee joint, easing pressure and pain — great for osteoarthritis and knee replacement patients. Can be used as often as needed for pain relief, leading to increased exercise compliance and rehab outcomes.
  • Comfortable, convenient, and economical.
  • Comes with step-by-step full color instruction booklet for safe and effective use.

Recommendation: For shoulder recovery please see the Home Ranger® Original Shoulder Pulley or our shoulder pulley with door bracket


“I had a bilateral Total Knee Replacement seven weeks ago and was very frustrated because my knees were so swollen and sore I could barely perform the exercises I’d been prescribed.  The first time I used the knee pulley I felt immediate relief, so much so when I went to bed that evening I was able to sleep through the entire night for the first time, without using pain medication. Not only does the knee pulley continue to provide pain relief but the swelling in my knees has also been noticeably reduced. I no longer feel frustrated and am confident of a full recovery because now I’m able to do my exercises with much less pain.”  Ilse A Escondido, CA

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