Economy Gym #937

Safe, Secure, and Easy-to-Use
Doors! Everyone’s got them scattered all over the house. Did you know they can be used for exercising? All you need is an Around-the-Door Anchor Strap, which cinches around the door like a sturdy belt. Add Tubing, Handles and an Extremity Strap and you have everything you need to stay fit. With 15 easy-to-use anchor loops you can exercise lower extremities, upper extremities and core in the privacy of your home or office. It makes exercising safe, convenient, and easy-to-do.

Economy Home Gym Includes:
• 1- Sturdy Around-the-Door Web Anchor Strap with 15 anchor loops. (buckles securely around a standard 8’ door).
• 5- pre-cut, 6’ ExerBand tubes (extra light to special heavy).
• 2- EZ Change Handles for changing from one tube to another. Handles can be attached to multiple tubes at once and can be used to easily change length of tubing.
• 1- Extremity Strap. Attach to ankle or wrist for extremity exercises.
• 1- Tubing Exercise poster with 32 exercises.