Home Ranger 92 #260

This low cost, simple-to-use shoulder pulley helps increase and maintain range of motion in all planes of shoulder motion. Used in the home, it allows patients to increase the gains made in the clinic and helps speed the recovery process. Ideal for those with frozen shoulder, rotator cuff surgery, mastectomy, or stroke.

The Ranger 92 is a modification of our market leading Home Ranger® Original Shoulder Pulley, boasting the same superior features but substituting assisted-grip handles and a stainless steel over-the-door bracket. This sturdy bracket won’t bend and has smooth, rounded edges.  The over-the-door bracket allows the shoulder pulley to be attached to the door and left in place between exercise sessions, ideal for those who have a harder time setting up the device for use.

Superior Performance for Home & Clinic

  • Rigorously tested for strength, durability, and effectiveness
  • Strong, quiet, smooth-gliding, trouble free
  • Low cost, light weight, portable, easy to use, made to last
  • Use in the privacy of your home as often as desired to speed recovery


“Best over the door pulley system we’ve seen.”

—Shelly Kroopf, PT