Home Ranger® Original Shoulder Pulley #240

Increase shoulder range of motion in all planes of movement with the original Home Ranger® Shoulder Pulley. Make recovery from frozen shoulder, rotator cuff surgery, mastectomy, or stroke easier and more effective by performing rehab exercises at home in between clinic visits.

The Home Ranger® Shoulder Pulley is available in two models. This Original version (#240) comes with ergonomic handles and a web strap for secure attachment to any standard door or to a Web-Slide Exercise Rail, making the shoulder pulley easy to set up and remove as needed. (For an alternative, see our Ranger 92.)

Superior Performance for Home & Clinic

  • Rigorously tested for strength, durability, and effectiveness
  • Strong, quiet, smooth-gliding, trouble free
  • Low cost, light weight, portable, easy to use, made to last
  • Use in the privacy of your home as often as desired to speed recovery