Free-Up® Dispenser Box #477

Developed by Professionals for Professionals

Rub a little Free-Up® between your fingers and you’ll know why therapists use words like “exceptional, fantastic, and, powerfully effective” to describe it. Free-Up® massage cream softens and moisturizes the skin while providing superior control without drag or tackiness. Noted for its excellent coverage and workability, it provides the proper feel for massage and soft tissue work, while maintaining its lubricity.

Dispenser box contains 50 individual foil packets, each with 7 grams of Free-Up®.


“I am an OT that has found Free-Up® Massage Cream to be powerfully effective for our patients in their prolonged ROM and deep pressure massage phase. I have found no other cream that keeps their skin soft and supple enough to massage for up to 40 minutes without having to reapply a second coat. Good stuff!”

  1. —Erika Payne, OTRIL