Fall Gift Guide: 7 Fitness Products to Keep Your Eye On

fall gift guide prepak products

It’s a little early to think about holiday gift shopping, but since you’ve made it through to Fall in this annus horribilis, maybe it’s time to reward yourself or someone you love. Still need an excuse? Well, Cardi B’s birthday is just around the corner. Or National Dessert Day is October 14. And who can resist celebrating a sloth?

Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong with a gift centered around health and fitness. It’s a major concern for everyone these days, from avoiding illness to finding ways to work out when our old schedules have been so disrupted.

And so with that in mind, here is our pre-holiday Fall gift guide for health and fitness products that will help keep us strong into the new (and hopefully better) year.


Health and Fitness Gift Guide for Fall

Workout Masks. You can never have too many masks. Wearing the same one day in and day out without ever cleaning it kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Especially if you’re wearing the mask during workouts. Conveniently, though, more and more masks are becoming available that are designed specifically for use during workouts. Pick up a few of these as gifts for your gym buddies and you’ll be doing yourself a favor too by protecting the air you breathe.

Home Exercise Kits. For those who aren’t ready to head back to the gym but still want to get and stay strong, resistance tubing provides an economical, space-saving alternative to bulky weight sets. PrePak offers a variety of exercise kits centered around resistance tubing that make great gifts in a variety of budget ranges:

fitness gift guide prepak products


  • Triple Loop & Triple Tube Exercise Kits — A simple collection of three resistance tubes (in either looped or bilateral form) along with an anchor strap for easy attachment to most standard doors. This simple, lightweight kit is great for strength training at home, but it’s just as easy to drop it into a bag for a workout on the road.

fitness gift guide prepak products


  • ExerBand Active Living Kit — Three bilateral resistance tubes, an anchor strap for door attachment, and a fitness bar for increased versatility in strength training workouts make this an excellent step up from the triple tube kit.

fitness gift guide prepak products


  • Economy Gym — This kit centers around PrePak’s Around-the-Door Web Anchor Strap, which provides a semi-permanent workout station for quick attachment of resistance tubing at fifteen elevation points. Also included are five resistance levels of tubing, an extremity strap to easily attach tubing to the ankles, and a pair of handles for bilateral exercises.

fitness gift guide prepak products


  • Web Slide Home Station — PrePak’s premiere Home Station includes three exercise rails for a permanent workout station that takes up just a bit of wall space. An extremity strap and handles for the tubing allow for endless exercise options.


Apple Watch (and upcoming Apple Fitness+). Fitness tracking and motivation is a key selling point for the Apple Watch, and with the recent release of the Apple Watch 6 and budget friendly Apple Watch SE, now is a good time to strap one onto the wrist of someone you love. New colors! New band styles! Blood oxygen sensor! And everything else that’s made the watch so beloved in recent years! And coming soon as a new subscription service, Apple will be offering Fitness+ — an ever-updating collection of workouts led by top trainers, available for iPhone, iPad, or AppleTV. Purchasing an Apple Watch gets you three months free membership in Fitness+.

Indoor Exercise Bike. Anyone who was a fan of cycling classes at their gym back in the old days before COVID will appreciate having an indoor bike in their own house (as long as they’ve got the space for it!). While services like Peloton and SoulCycle will sell you a top quality bike in the $2000 range and then charge you a monthly fee for their workout classes, there are less expensive options. Quite a few bikes in the mid-$300 range are highly reviewed and offer a place to mount an iPad, which can then be used to access cycling classes from places like Les Mills or Apple’s Fitness+ or even plain ol’ YouTube.