Which Home Exercise Kit Is Right for You?

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Even with gyms across the nation opened again, the popularity of home exercise options remains high both for the convenience and the safety. Home gyms have become so popular, in fact, that it’s been difficult to find a suitable home exercise kit that hasn’t been delayed by production or shipping problems.

On top of that, for most of us, space in our apartments and houses is at a premium. We really don’t have anywhere to put a massive weight rack or treadmill.

There Are Better Options Than Scrambling for Free Weights

Fortunately, there are other alternatives for working out at home that remain readily available.

Strength training with resistance bands and tubing is as effective as lifting heavy weights, with the added bonus of not taking up a bunch of floor space and putting you at risk of stubbing your toes. And resistance tubing is versatile. Yes, it can help you gain strength, but it’s also a nice supplement to certain cardiovascular exercises and can be useful for assistance with stretching at home.

Even better? Resistance tubing is inexpensive and available now. You can make a great workout kit for home with a few pieces of tubing and a handful of accessories.

Home Exercise Kits Featuring Resistance Tubing

If you’re just starting out with resistance tubing, consider starting with a home workout kit. Kits are a great way to make sure you have all the accessories that will help you get the most out of your tubing exercises. Below are some great options:

Web Slide Home Station

home exercise kit prepak products

  • Web Slide Home Station — This top-of-the-line home exercise kit from PrePak Products lets you create a highly flexible, permanent workout station for resistance tubing even when you’re limited in space. Affix the three modular steel rails to your wall and you’ll have easy attachment points for your tubing at fifteen different elevations. This opens you up to a wide range of push and pull exercises in incline, decline, and level positions. Also included are five bilateral ExerBand tubes (each with a handle at each end) in five resistance levels, and an extremity strap that lets you convert the tubing for attachment to a leg. Then there’s an optional storage rack for easy organization of the tubing, and a colorful exercise poster with 32 exercise examples using the rail system. This is a great option if you have a spot for a dedicated workout space. The rails will need to be attached to wall studs, and even though the Web Slide Home Station takes up little space itself, you’ll need a clear area around it to perform your exercises.

ExerBand Active Living Kit

home exercise kit prepak products

  • ExerBand Active Living Kit — For the Web Slide Home Station, the resistance tubing uses a simple Anchor Strap that slides into place to attach the tubing to the steel rails. These straps are versatile enough, though, that they can also perform the same function with a standard door. The process is slightly more complicated: open the door, put the anchor strap in place at any elevation, close the door, and for safety you might want to lock the door so nobody opens it from the other side. This is the method used for attaching resistance tubing with the budget friendly ExerBand Active Living Kit. This kit includes three lengths of bilateral tubing (with handles) and a Fitness Bar (think barbell vs. dumbbells) — along with an Anchor Strap for door attachment. With this combination of pieces, you can still perform those push and pull, incline and decline exercises. You can also stand on the tubing and work directly overhead for shoulder presses or even squats.

Triple Tube and Triple Loop Exercise Kits

home exercise kit prepak products

  • Triple Tube and Triple Loop Exercise Kits — Similar to the above ExerBand Active Living Kit, these kits come with three lengths of tubing and an Anchor Strap. They don’t include a Fitness Bar but they do include exercise sheets with sample exercises. The difference between the Triple Tube and the Triple Loop is that while the Triple Tube comes with bilateral tubing (two handles, as we’ve seen above), the Triple Loop features single-handled loop tubing. Loop tubing is useful for working one arm at a time, which helps you to avoid overcompensating with your strong arm, and it can also be used for leg exercises without the use of an extremity strap. If you need more resistance than any one piece of tubing will give you, you can always double up or triple up with the other provided tubing (of course this also goes for the Active Living Kit and the Web Slide Home Station).

Economy Gym

home exercise kit prepak products

  • Economy Gym — And finally, the Economy Gym creates a semi-permanent workstation with an Around-the-Door Web Anchor Strap. By wrapping this strap around a door, you get anchor loops at fifteen elevations over a height of eight feet. This is the same number of anchor points as with the Web Slide Home Station, but at a fraction of the cost. Instead of slotting the tubing into place with an Anchor Strap, though, tubing is simply slipped in and out of whichever strap you choose to use. Again, this lets you perform a wide range of push and pull exercises at incline, decline, or level. This home exercise kit includes five ExerBand tubes in a range of resistance levels, but only two EZ change handles, so you’ll need to change the handles if you want to use different tubing. You also get one Extremity Strap for lower limb exercises and a poster featuring 32 exercises that can be performed with the kit. Unlike the Web Slide Home Station, the Economy Gym is easily portable. You can remove it from the door at any time, and even take it with you on the road.

PrePak Has the Home Exercise Kit You Need

So why struggle to find a supplier of expensive, cumbersome free weights during this global shortage? Whether you’re doing rehabilitation exercises at home or working to build strength for general fitness, resistance tubing will give you what you need. And whatever your budget or space availability, there’s a home exercise kit ready and waiting for you.