What Makes ExerBand Tubing So Effective in Physical Therapy

Muscle strength is a key component of physical fitness. Life just isn’t the same without it. Strong muscles keep us upright and active and help to protect us from illness, injury, and even the side effects of getting older. But does that mean we have to spend our days pumping iron like Arnold? Not at all. There’s a more convenient solution for the rest of us, and that’s resistance tubing.

Physical Therapists rely on resistance tubing as one of their primary tools. Working with people every day who need to gain strength as part of recovery from illness or injury—or even to improve athletic performance—Physical Therapists rely on tubing as an economical and adaptable alternative to free weights and cumbersome weight machines.


What is Resistance Tubing?

You’ll sometimes hear the terms “resistance tubing” and “resistance band” used interchangeably. The two are functionally similar, but a band is more like a flat, wide ribbon and tubing is, well, a tube. Both are elastic and stretchable and come in a variety of resistance levels, from very light to very heavy.

Resistance tubing with handles (left) and resistance bands (right).

To perform resistance or strength training exercises with tubing or a band, you simply hold it in your hands and stretch. Resistance can be increased or decreased by stretching shorter or longer lengths, or by selecting heavier or lighter weights of tubing.

The exercise options are too numerous to count. Pretty much any exercise you can do with free weights—plus a few you can’t—can be duplicated with tubing. Use it to strengthen arms, legs, back, core, or just about any other muscles that need strengthening.

As an added bonus, tubing is lightweight and portable. Unlike free weights, you can drop a few pieces of tubing into your bag and take your strength training exercises with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re looking for a full body strength training system or you just need to perform a few simple exercises at the direction of your Physical Therapist, resistance tubing can get the job done.


The Advantages of ExerBand Tubing

As popular and as useful as resistance tubing is, one of the disadvantages is that it can be difficult and uncomfortable to hold during exercise. That’s why PrePak Products was the first company to supply tubing with easy-to-grip ABS handles in their ExerBand tubing line, making exercise much easier than with tubing alone.

Additionally, PrePak pioneered the use of the anchor strap for rehab patients, providing a new way to use tubing. With an attached anchor strap, ExerBand tubing can be securely fixed to a door at any elevation, greatly expanding the number of possible exercises.

As the use of anchor straps became more widespread, PrePak innovated again by adding their rubber saddle, extending the life of ExerBand tubing by up to 549%.

Today, PrePak’s ExerBand tubing line and related accessories offer everything you need for a full body resistance training workout. ExerBand products are a durable, economical solution whatever your fitness needs.