Six Movements to Do On an Exercise Rail System to Increase Strength and Flexibility

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Exercising with resistance tubing is an excellent alternative to traditional weights and weight machines. Resistance tubing is lightweight, low cost, portable, and adaptable to just about any strength building exercise. And when paired with a web slide exercise rail, the ease of use and range of exercise options only increases.

Typically, resistance tubing is anchored by wrapping it around the body, stepping on it, or simply stretching it between two hands. With an added anchor strap, the tubing can be wedged into a closed door for a secure attachment point. With an exercise rail system permanently attached to a wall, however, you have a dedicated workout space that is safer, more convenient, and easier to use than any door.


How Many Exercises Can You Do with a Web Slide Exercise Rail?

When it comes to exercise options with a rail system, you are limited only by your imagination and good sense. There’s nothing that you can do with free weights that you can’t do with resistance tubing. But there are some things you can do with resistance tubing that you can’t do with weights.

Here is just a sample of exercise possibilities for increasing strength and flexibility:


  • Chest Press. Note that with resistance tubing and a web slide exercise rail, you don’t need to lie on a bench for the chest press. You can perform the exercise seated or standing. And by attaching the tubing to a high or low anchor point, you can adapt the exercise to an incline or decline press for a full chest workout.


  • Hip Strengthening. Extension, flexion, abduction, and adduction exercises are simple with a web slide exercise rail and an extremity strap to secure the tubing at the ankle.


  • Trunk Rotations. Work your core with seated or standing trunk rotations. As with the chest press, a quick change to the selected anchor point can alter the exercise from straight to declined or inclined.


  • Shoulders. Presses, extension, flexion, adduction, abduction, depression, scaption, and rotation. It’s all possible with an exercise rail and resistance tubing.


  • Crunches. Adding resistance tubing attached to a web slide exercise rail adds a unique twist to traditional crunches. Perform them on the ground or on an exercise ball, straight or oblique, and use the anchored resistance tubing either for added resistance or for assisted crunches.



  • Other Exercises. Tried and true exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions and press downs, front and back flys, rows, squats, and lunges are all easy with an exercise rail system. 



Step Up Your Training Game with Resistance Tubing and an Exercise Rail System

Resistance tubing comes in a range of strengths and can even be doubled up to increase the difficulty if needed. There really is no limit to your options with a Web Slide System.