Telemedicine for Physical Therapy

After a year of COVID-19, we’ve all become experts at social distancing. Industries have adapted quickly with changes to everything from the way we watch movies to buying groceries. And as difficult and annoying as much of this has been. Some of th

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Mindfulness Practices and Pain Management

Chronic pain is defined as any pain that is persistent and lasts for twelve weeks or more in spite of treatment or medication. Sometimes chronic pain is due to an injury but it can also occur without any identifiable cause. Managing chronic pain can

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Learn About Fascia and Why It Matters

When we think of human anatomy and how our bodies are held together, the first things that probably come to mind are bones and muscles wrapped in skin. These are the organs that get all the glory. Often overlooked, however, is the fascia—a thin lay

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10 Benefits of Having Good Posture

Remember the old days, back when you were a sullen teenager, and your mother kept telling you to stand up straight? Could she have been any more annoying? You had more important things on your mind than perfect posture. But now that you’re older

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When to Apply Heat vs. Ice

Both heat and ice have long been recommended as treatments for pain and soreness and to help with injury recovery. But do they work? And is one better than the other? Read on to learn when to use heat vs. ice.   Different Methods for Differe

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rotator cuff exercises prepak products

9 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff

Shoulder pain can be a game stopper. Any injury that affects your ability to lift, reach, or carry is going to be a sharp reminder of how often you need to do those things. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional athlete, a homemaker, or

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SI joint pain prepak products

What Is SI Joint Pain and How Can You Prevent It?

Notoriously difficult to diagnose and often confused with other conditions, sacroiliitis is estimated to cause up to 25% of all cases of lower back pain. But what is sacroiliitis? Your sacroiliac joint is located where your pelvis connects with yo

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stress management prepak products

9 Tips for Managing Stress

It seems like everyone is an expert on stress these days, at least on experiencing it if not managing it. It’s been a difficult twelve months. Some things are starting to look up at this point, and people are looking forward to moving on with their

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