Five Exercises You Can Do with an Around-the-Door Strap

around the door anchor strap prepak products

Resistance tubing and bands are among the most common of physical therapy tools, and we all know how great they can be for helping us get strong and stay that way. Resistance tubing is lightweight and easily portable, unlike cumbersome free weight sets. But with a simple accessory or two, like an Around-the-Door Anchor Strap, resistance tubing can replicate just about any free weight exercises.

Using resistance tubing alone, exercises are limited to those that involve stretching the tubing between two hands or perhaps wrapping it around your body or stepping on it. With these techniques, you’ll be able to perform simple moves like pull-aparts, squats, and biceps curls.

But you can open up a world of additional exercises by anchoring the tubing to a wall or door. Think chest presses, rows, trunk rotations, lunges, and more.

What Is an Around-the-Door Anchor Strap?

First, let’s explain a couple other products:

  • PrePak’s basic Web Anchor Strap is a simple, single loop of webbing that can be secured to any standard door as an anchor point for resistance tubing. If you need to change the height of the anchor point, just open the door, adjust the Web Anchor Strap, then close the door again.
  • Our high end Web Slide Exercise Rails makes the Web Anchor Straps easier to use by providing a permanent workout station without the need for opening and closing a door to adjust the anchor point height.

The Around-the-Door Anchor Strap offers a compromise between these two products. Like the Web Slide Exercise Rail System, the Around-the-Door Strap provides multiple attachment points for resistance tubing, but in a less expensive, more portable format.

around the door anchor strap prepak products

Resistance tubing attached three ways: 1) to a door with the Web Anchor Strap; 2) with the Web Slide Exercise Rail System; 3) with the Around-the-Door Anchor Strap

Each of these options is great for expanding the capabilities of resistance tubing and bands. Web Anchor Straps are highly portable but the least convenient, since you need to reset them in a door each time you change the height of your exercise point. The Web Slide Exercise Rail System is great for permanent workout stations in a home, office, or clinic. And Around-the-Door Anchor Straps provide a low-cost alternative to the Web Slide Exercise Rail.

Exercises with Anchored Resistance Tubing

In the video examples below, we show exercises using the Web Slide Exercise Rail System. However, all of these are easily adapted using the Around-the-Door Anchor Strap or Web Anchor Straps alone.

Chest Press—With free weights, chest presses must be performed lying on a bench. With resistance tubing they are performed seated or standing, depending on your personal preference. You can even perform incline and decline chest presses by raising or lowering the selected anchor point height.

Shoulder Row—Again, these can be performed seated or standing with the Web Anchor Strap, Web Slide Exercise Rail, or Around-the-Door Anchor Strap.

Trunk Rotation—A great core exercise that can be modified to target different muscle areas by changing the height of the anchor point.

Lunges—Add resistance to your lunges to enhance the work on your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Hip Abduction, Extension, etc.—With the addition of an extremity strap (or by tying the resistance tubing around an ankle) you can add an array of lower body strengthening exercises to your repertoire.