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Fitness Insights for Physical Therapists

As we get ready to start winding down 2021 and start prepping for what we all hope will be a much better 2022, it’s time to take stock of the last couple years, how Covid has transformed the fitness industry (and health and fitness in general!) and

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Treating Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

The peripheral nervous system (PNS) is made up of all the nerves that branch out from the brain and spinal cord. This is where the action happens. These nerves run through the skin and muscles to give us sensations and let us control our conscious mo

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Interpreting a Positive Straight Leg Test

To understand the source of a patient’s low back pain, one important tool in a doctor’s arsenal is the Straight Leg Raise test (also known as the Lasègue test or Lazarević's sign). This classic test has been used since the late 19th century to

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How to Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries

The definition of musculoskeletal injuries casts a wide net: a musculoskeletal injury is any painful injury affecting muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, or nerves. These injuries can affect the entire body or any isolated part. Just as there are

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How to Protect Yourself from Flu During Covid-19

Last year’s flu season was a breeze: only 2,038 reported cases in all of the U.S. compared with 38 million for the 2019-2020 season. Of course that comes with a big but: we were all so hunkered down avoiding the more-contagious Covid-19 that the fl

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Five Ways to Train and Condition Your Posture

Improving your posture is more than a simple matter of remembering to sit up straight and keep your shoulders back. It’s about developing muscles that are strong and flexible and balanced so that your body wants to hold itself properly, whether you

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effects of physical therapy

Long Lasting Effects of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a health profession dedicated to improving movement and flexibility in patients. Physical therapists serve a wide range of people, from young children to aging seniors and everyone in between. Developmental disabilities, recovery

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5 Rehabilitation Exercise Equipment Must-Haves

Injury is inevitable. It happens to everyone eventually, whether couch potato or elite athlete. And whatever the trouble — whether it’s a pain in our shoulder when we reach for the remote or a strained muscle that throws off our training schedule

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going back to the gym

Going Back to the Gym Post-Covid Closures

So you stayed healthy during quarantine? Congratulations! It wasn’t easy, and not just because of the virus. Being locked up inside our homes was a pretty effective way to stay clear of infection, but it sure didn’t help when it came to exerci

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Which Home Exercise Kit Is Right for You?

Even with gyms across the nation opened again, the popularity of home exercise options remains high both for the convenience and the safety. Home gyms have become so popular, in fact, that it's been difficult to find a suitable home exercise kit that

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