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The Two Best Ways to Fix Your Posture

All this time spent hunched over our computers and phones is leading to a modern epidemic of poor posture. We slouch without realizing it, our bodies thrown out of balance by muscles that are either too tight or too weak. Our necks hurt, there are pa

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Four Injuries that Shoulder Pulleys Can Help Heal

A shoulder pulley is a simple, portable device for injury rehabilitation. Consisting of a rope with two handles, a pulley, and an anchor point, shoulder pulleys allows patients to perform self-assisted range of motion exercises. These exercises are a

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Physical Therapy Tools that Professionals Recommend

Physical Therapists train for years to become experts in movement. They study the interaction of muscle, nerve, and bone to help their patients restore functional mobility, reduce pain, and prevent disability. But there are wide variety of ways the h

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The Physical Therapist’s Guide to Stretching

We know we need to stretch. People have been telling us so our entire lives. It’s like the wisdom of the ages, passed down from your middle school P.E. teacher to that guy at the gym who keeps offering to critique your deadlift. But while stretc

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Rached Maalouf

In late September, 2012, Rached Maalouf left the parking lot of a yoga festival in Joshua Tree, California. He doesn’t remember what happened next. He was on his motorcycle; a car made an unexpected lane change. Rached was found fifty feet from his

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What’s the Buzz on CBD Oil and Massage?

There’s plenty of talk lately about the benefits of CBD (formally known as cannabidiol) as a wonder drug with a myriad of applications. After gaining prominence for its effectiveness at combatting epileptic seizures among children, CBD has been pro

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It’s a Pain in the Neck

Fix Your Posture Problems Today All this time hunched over our desks is wreaking havoc on our posture. You may have heard the terms kyphosis, rounded shoulder, forward head syndrome, or even text neck. It’s all part of a family of issues related

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Think You’ve Got Perfect Posture? Think Again.

If you spend any time looking around the Internet for information on posture, there’s one thing you’ll start to see over and over: No matter how good you think your own posture is, there’s something wrong with it. The posture gurus have seen it

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Avoiding and Treating Repetetive Motion Injury

Repetitive Motion Injury, Repetitive Strain Injury, Repetitive Stress Injury, RMI, RSI — whatever you call it, it’s a major cause of physical pain, discomfort, and lost productivity. Repetitive motion injuries occur when muscles, nerves, ligam

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