Tips on Recovering Fast From Shoulder Surgery

As much as we’d like to avoid it, there comes a time for many of us when shoulder surgery is necessary for a pain-free, fully functional life. The good news is that shoulder surgery has a high success rate—whether it’s open surgery, arthroscopy

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free up massage cream prepak products

Why Free Up Massage Cream Stands Out From Competitors

When it comes to selecting a massage cream, there are plenty of options out there. It can be overwhelming trying to decide between oils and lotions with an endless array of scents ranging from soothing to sexy. Coconut? Hibiscus? Lavender? Eucalyptus

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Person with shoulder injury

How Shoulder Pulleys Help Healing and Range of Motion

Nobody loves a shoulder injury. They’re never fun and they’re never convenient. When a patient presents to their doctor with a shoulder injury, they’re already dealing with pain and/or physical limitations. Any medical treatment is going to be

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ankle weights prepak products

The Uses and Benefits of Ankle Weights

Ankle weights: They’re not just for your mom’s old aerobic videos anymore. Ankle weights may have seen something of a heyday back in the ’80s, but they’ve never really left us. And today, as our knowledge of exercise science has advanced,

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free-up massage cream prepak products

Massage Lubricants: Which One Should You Use?

Oil, lotion, cream, or gel? It’s a simple question with no right or wrong answer. But if you’re a professional massage therapist, it’s an important question to ask. Your final decision will take into account everything from client preference to

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knee injury prevention prepak products

Post-Knee Surgery: Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

Sometimes you can do everything right, living a life guided by the best practices for knee injury prevention, and you still find yourself faced with the prospect of knee replacement surgery. Maybe you’ve had an accident or maybe the pain of osteoar

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when to start physical therapy prepak products

Five Signs It’s Time to Start Doing Physical Therapy

We could all use a little physical therapy now and then. Whether it’s illness, injury, or disability, any condition that limits our capabilities or causes us pain is a candidate for PT. Licensed physical therapists are specialists in restorin

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