A doctor explains the concept of a herniated disk to a patient.

Nine Safe Exercises for a Herniated Disk

Age and injury put everyone at eventual risk of a herniated disk. The engineering marvel that is the human spine is remarkable in its combination of toughness and flexibility. But its weak point—the soft, rubbery cushions between each vertebra—ar

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Treating Nerve Damage with Physical Therapy

There’s a lot that can go wrong with our nervous systems, and the impacts can range from annoying to frightening or even incapacitating. Most commonly, we’re dealing with some peripheral neuropathy—any disease or damage affecting nerves outside

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new trends in physical therapy prepak products

Advancements in Physical Therapy Products

Physical therapists have always been improvisers when it comes to treating patients. For example, they pioneered the use of resistance tubing for strength training exercises. They rig up innovative rope and pulley systems for a range of motion and st

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Woman at home in her ergonomic workspace.

The Ergonomic Products You Need to Try

Strictly defined, ergonomics is the study of people in their working environment. Initially, this study was about efficiency. It was about modifying the work environment to maximize productivity. It was about redesigning the assembly line to make fou

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Does Cryotherapy Really Work?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is one of the latest “cool” trends with many people talking. Cryotherapy benefits are claimed to include everything from asthma to weight loss, with lots in between—including chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, insomnia, and art

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Two Tips for Weight Loss During Physical Therapy

If you have an injury that requires physical therapy treatment, weight loss might be the last thing you want to think about. You’ve got enough on your mind, what with that new knee or bum shoulder and all those fun new exercises your Physical Thera

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Shoulder Exercises You Can Do at Home

We neglect our shoulders at our own risk. Most of the things we do during the day—reaching, pushing, pulling, lifting, swiping—rely heavily on our shoulders. But because the shoulder joint is so highly functional, it’s also complicated and pron

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A woman following PrePak instructional exercise videos for weight-loss.

Best At-Home Exercises for Weight Loss

There’s an old saying in fitness circles: “Abs are made in the kitchen.” What that means is you can do all the sit-ups and crunches you want, you can exercise at home all day long, but you’re never going to get that six-pack abdomen if you

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pelvic pain prepak products

Experience Pelvic Pain? These Stretches Will Help

First off, what is pelvic pain? That’s simple: it’s any pain you feel below your belly button and above your legs. And what causes it? That’s not so simple. There’s a huge list of possibilities for women, including menstrual cramps, endometri

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8 Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

A little bit of pain is fine. Everyone experiences pain once in a while. It’s part of life. But what if the pain doesn’t go away? What if it lasts for three months, or six months, or more? That’s chronic pain, and it can be more than just

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