Is it Safe to go Back to the Gym?

The midyear COVID-19 pandemic report card is not looking good for the United States. Cases are predictably spiking in Florida, Texas, and Arizona, states that initially downplayed the virus threat in their rush to reopen their economies. And Californ

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exercise on a budget prepak products

Three Ways to Stay Active on a Budget

COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease nationwide, but these unsettled times still call for an abundance of caution. Avoid crowds. Wear your mask. Keep your distance. Stay home when possible. The virus is still out there, still looking for oppor

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Stay Active with these 16 Live Virtual Workouts

We’ve all had to get creative in our response to social distancing and quarantine. On the positive side, we’ve got plenty of free time on our hands. On the negative for many of us, we’ve lost jobs and income. There’s not much good to say abou

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rehabilitation exercises at home prepak products

Six Types of Rehabilitation Exercises to Do at Home

How essential are your physical therapy needs in this time of COVID-19? Well, it depends on what you’re recovering from. Physical therapy is used for a wide range of conditions, from minor aches and pains to major injuries or surgery, along with al

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at home stretches prepak products

At-Home Stretches to Practice During Quarantine

When news of the novel Coronavirus first started to break, one of the first things we did was stop going to the gym. It was pretty easy. We were already avoiding the gym because of flu season. But as things became more serious, we had to adapt to sta

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full body movements prepak products

Work Out at Home with These Five Full-Body Movements

Back in the old days when we talked about isolation exercises, we meant exercises that isolate a particular muscle group: the biceps, the quads, the glutes, or another area. But now in these days of Coronavirus self-quarantine, isolation exercises ha

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posture tips for working at home prepak products

Working From Home? These Posture Tips Will Help

Stay healthy. Stay home. We’re all trying to follow this advice in these days of Coronavirus self-quarantine. We’re feeling pretty cooped up, but we’re getting through it. But for those of us lucky enough to have transitioned into a work-from-h

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lower back pain treatments prepak products

15 easy lower back physical therapy exercises

Lower back pain. If you didn’t already have it, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article, so it’s probably too late to go into the whole spiel about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. The good news, though, is that lower b

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