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Home Ranger™ Knee Pulley

Home Ranger™  Knee Pulley
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Home Ranger™  Knee Pulley Home Ranger™  Knee Pulley Home Ranger™  Knee Pulley Home Ranger™  Knee Pulley

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Introducing a New Era of Knee Rehab:  Patient Controlled Pain Relief.

The Home Ranger Knee Pulley is a revolutionary range of motion exercise device.  For the first time, knee replacement patients and those with knee osteoarthritis can perform distraction in the comfort of their own homes to help relieve joint pressure and pain -- whenever the need arises.  

This one comfortable device makes compliance with required flexion and extension exercise easier for ALL post-surgery patients.  

Easy-to-put-on Foot Hammock attaches to the Pulley Assembly.  The Pulley assembly secures in any door.  A gentle pull of the handle elevates the foot of the seated patient. As the patient relaxes in to the hammock and holds the elevated position, mild joint distraction and pain relief occur.  Simple adjustments allow patients to use the Knee Pulley for the extension and flexion exercises necessary to achieve the goal of full range of motion and functionality. 

Includes Patent Pending Handshoe™ Foot Hammock, Pulley Assembly and Instruction booklet.

To learn more about the Home Ranger™ Knee Pulley and see demonstration videos click; 




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